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MFA built for K-12 , no device needed

Classroom MFA creates a second layer of security for Clever without a second device.

Secure authentication for the classroom

Classroom MFA creates a second layer of protection for all applications in Clever. It prevents unauthorized access into accounts with access to sensitive data, and meets common requirements for cybersecurity insurance policies.

No phone? No problem.

Print and deploy Clever Badges – an encrypted, physical passcode – as a second factor. Secret pictures are available for younger students.

Fast, simple rollout

Intuitive design makes setup and rollout a snap. Select MFA methods, choose the enforcement date, and monitor progress right from your dashboard.

Controls you need

Manage your MFA policy, troubleshoot, and monitor enrollment in your dashboard. Plus, prevent help desk tickets with bypass codes for teachers in case students get stuck.

Create a second layer of security for Clever

Multi-factor authentication is critical to protecting and securing accounts. Existing MFA solutions aren’t designed for schools – they’re expensive, require access to additional devices, and can distract students from learning. Classroom MFA by Clever makes enterprise-grade security possible for the classroom.
Select users
Select MFA-assigned users, MFA methods, and frequency of re-authentication.
Choose authentication methods
Pair your existing Clever SSO Badge with secret pictures as a second factor for young students. Older students, teachers, or staff, can use their existing logins with a Clever MFA Badge as the second factor. Traditional factors are also available.
Control networks and MFA frequency
Designate safe networks and reauthentication frequency. If a user is in a school setting, you can decrease enforcement to every 7 or 30 days.
Print Clever Badges and go
Unlike other MFA solutions, Clever doesn’t require you to install new applications or program secondary devices. Once users set up their method, they simply download the badge after MFA and login. Best of all, you can replace and reprint Clever Badges for free if they are misplaced or lost.

Clever MFA+ provides seamless protection for an app that all teachers and staff are used to and familiar with! We already do identity management and rostering with Clever – so MFA just made sense.

Dylan Jones
Instructional Tech and Data Coordinator, Sunflower County Consolidated Public Schools, MS


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What is MFA for school?

MFA for schools is a security feature that requires users to provide two or more forms of verification before accessing sensitive information.

Why do schools use two-factor authentication?

Schools use two-factor authentication to provide an extra layer of security and verify that only authorized users have access to sensitive information.