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District admins

School works better with Clever. Find resources to streamline your edtech year round.
Clever Admin Checklist

Follow this easy checklist to be ready on day one. Perfect for administrators new to Clever and returning users who want a quick refresher!

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Discover applications

Explore how you can save time rolling out the most popular applications at your district. Accept application invites right in your dashboard.

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Connect with HMH

You can now roster HMH Ed, ThinkCentral, and MyHRW with Clever. Learn how to connect with HMH and set your sharing rules.

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Set up Google Classroom + Clever

Automate Google Classroom course creation for your entire district with Clever.

Save time with hands-off identity management

Use our quick start guide to see how Clever IDM could help your district, along with setup directions for Google Workspace and Active Directory.


Support teachers, staff, tech coaches, and families

We make it easy to share login instructions and how-to guides with users so that Clever is easy for everyone. Discover the resources available to share with each of your stakeholders.


Training made easy

Free, on-demand self-paced training is always available to administrators, coaches, and teachers. Plus, you can hire Clever to lead personalized trainings tailored to your district’s needs.

Learn from Clever Champions

95,000 K-12 schools across the US use Clever. Read our case studies to learn schools solve tech challenges, streamline edtech rollout, and ensures high student engagement with their digital resources.

Contact Clever Support

Clever’s customer support team is available Monday – Friday from 7 am – 7 pm EST.
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