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Secure in 2024? Leverage the latest insights.

Our 2nd annual Cybersecure Report equips decision-makers accountable for student data with the latest trends in K-12 cybersecurity synthesized from intelligence gathered from over 800 district technology leaders. Read the report to gain critical insight that can aid your security planning for 2024 and beyond.

Executive summary

This report is your go-to guide for boosting cybersecurity in 2024. Backed by insights from 800+ district leaders and industry experts like CoSN, InnovateEDU and SETDA, this report dives into how K-12 schools are approaching cybersecurity in 2024. 

Enhance your 2024 cybersecurity strategy.

Secure schools with 3 layers

It’s important to involve everyone, not just IT, in cybersecurity strategies. We need teamwork, tech and partnerships to safeguard the millions of students and educators engaged in digital learning.
Getting people involved
Discover the collaborative force behind school safety – it’s not just about tech tools.
Adopting new tools
Districts continue to upgrade security tools despite funding hurdles. Find out which tools are common and which ones are becoming more popular.
Updating vendor agreements
Find out how changes to agreements and policies from edtech companies and insurance providers are shaping the future of school security.

“Seeing nearby districts face cyberattacks was a wake-up call that spurred action. It highlighted the need for increased vigilance and proactive measures in our cybersecurity efforts.”

Lee Itson
District Technology Coordinator


Admins: Evaluate edtech vendor security

Explore steps to vet vendors effectively and adapt to changing security trends.

See what Clever can do for you

As a White House Secure by Design Pledge signatory, we’re dedicated to supporting cybersecurity in school districts by offering free and affordable resources. Clever streamlines identity and access management, allowing you to prioritize learning without security concerns.
Security solutions

Who built this report?

The Cybersecure 2024 Report is the outcome of a partnership between seasoned research analysts and experts in mission-driven business strategy.
Clever Insights
Since 2013, Clever has spearheaded solutions in edtech, ensuring seamless, secure access for schools. Enter Clever Insights—a team fervently pursuing answers to a single question: How can more students be securely connected to a world of learning?
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