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Implement stronger security in 2024 with new layered security tools

May 20, 2024 Devyn Lackner

We’re offering comprehensive layered security solutions and cybersecurity blueprint designed to empower K-12 schools against cyber threats.

With rising threats against student accounts in K-12 schools, Clever is recommending schools apply a layered security strategy. We’re now offering tools to manage who can access what in K-12 schools. Plus, we’ve rolled out a new cybersecurity blueprint to help districts beef up their security practices. In May, Clever introduced its layered security solution, delivering secure identity and access management tailored for K-12 education. Learn more about layered security and how to implement in your schools below. 

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New: Layered security for K-12 schools 

Layered security from Clever provides multiple layers of protection to enhance district cybersecurity, all with one trusted vendor. These solutions, uniquely designed for the needs of K-12, provide protections for the entire district community, including teachers, students, and staff. The identity and access management offering includes:

  • Clever directory: A centralized place to manage all school technology users
  • Clever Identity Management (IDM): Automated account provisioning and management for Google, AD, and Entra ID
  • Clever Rostering: Use any SIS to securely create and update accounts for edtech apps
  • Clever Single Sign-On (SSO): Streamlines and secures logins with a personalized portal
  • Classroom MFA: Protects accounts with an additional, classroom-friendly layer of security

Cybersecurity is an urgent issue for K-12 leaders

Clever’s new solutions come at a critical time for K-12. With school districts increasingly under threat of cyber attacks, under-resourced schools need more support in developing a solid defense against would-be attackers. According to Cybersecure 2024, lack of dedicated cybersecurity staff ranks as the number one challenge facing districts. School leaders have a heightened focus on protecting their systems. Clever works to provide tools built for the unique needs of K-12 schools, regardless of a district’s resources or complex needs.

I think that it’s critical that edtech executives, including me, are proactive in leading cybersecurity strategy and key initiatives for all of our schools, from the largest to the smallest, regardless of IT resources. All of our students deserve our protection.

Trish Sparks
CEO, Clever

New: A blueprint for cybersecurity planning

To aid districts in implementing cybersecurity best practices, Clever has also created a blueprint for schools to use. The new Clever Cybersecurity Blueprint is a free resource that lays out the top 5 strategies schools can adopt as foundational practices for stronger cybersecurity. These include:

  • Securing identities and access
  • Protecting devices
  • Proactively managing vendors
  • Preparing for recovery
  • Cultivating a cybersecurity culture

“Our commitment to data and security is foundational to our work. We’ve signed important pledges like the Secure by Design Pledge and we employ the secure software development lifecycle,” said Clever’s Head of Security, Sriram Seshadri. “School district data is encrypted in transit and at rest, we have comprehensive third-party security evaluations, and we isolate district data to prevent data intermingling.”

We’re committed to the White House’s cybersecurity initiative

Furthering its commitment to K-12 cybersecurity, Clever partnered with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to sign the Secure by Design pledge and is the first signatory to release its security roadmap delivering an overview of its comprehensive security program, its commitments to the future, and a detailed roadmap to aid school security planning for 2024 and beyond.

Drive your cybersecurity plans forward today with layered security from Clever

To learn more about Clever’s layered security solutions, visit here.
To download the Clever Cybersecurity Blueprint, visit here.
To read about Clever’s Secure by Design Roadmap, visit here.

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