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December 3, 2017 Spencer Caton

Hour of Code featured apps

“Learning works here” is the motto that drives everyone here at Cleverfrom our infrastructure engineers to our support team. There are few times of year we feel more connected to that mission than during Hour of Code.

Hour of Code is a movement to introduce every student to computer science through fun, accessible one-hour games and exercises. The goal: Get every kid the opportunity to learn computer science. The program takes place during Computer Science Education Week, December 4 through December 10.

Last year, Clever supported Hour of Code for the first time and the results were pretty amazing:

  • 4,385 schools from 163 districts added Hour of Code content to their Clever portals
  • Over 135,000 students across 38 states accessed those resources
  • In total, Clever’s Hour of Code links garnered over half a million clicks

Of course, we owe much of that success to our incredible partners. We’re fortunate to be able to work with organizations like Tynker, Sphero, CodeHS, CodeMonkey, and Code.org to promote computer science in classrooms across the country.

We’re continuing to work with these partners to double down on our success from last year. Leading up to Computer Science Education Week, teachers and administrators can add temporary links to Code.org’s Hour of Code programs from right within their Clever Portal. At the end of the week, those links will automatically disappear.

However, coding doesn’t have to stop on Dec. 10 as there are tons of free coding resources that you can connect with via Clever year-round. In fact, Tynker, one of our newest partners, not only offers free coding lessons for students and teachers – it also provides automatic class rostering via Clever so teachers always have up-to-date rosters. Add Tynker to try it out and check out all of our other coding partners in our application gallery!

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