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New! We built Clever MFA+ to help schools protect sensitive data

April 26, 2023 Devyn Lackner

With cyber attacks on the rise, Clever’s new offering, Clever MFA+ protects sensitive data, prevents malicious account access, and helps districts better meet insurance requirements.

Education has been facing an onslaught of attacks from increasingly sophisticated hackers. In a recent Clever survey, one in four administrators said their district had experienced a hack, phishing incident, data breach, or other cyber attack in the past year. The impact, including cost and learning time lost to get systems running again, is high for K-12 education – on average costing schools $1.6M per ransomware incident. 

Clever MFA+ was designed to help districts facing a growing number of cybersecurity incidents in schools, by helping to protect sensitive data. Clever MFA+ provides K-12 staff and teachers with one secure login, for protected access to key applications and devices. It’s easy for staff to use and simple for K-12 districts to implement. Designed for K-12 schools, Clever MFA+ provides a smooth set up experience, teacher and staff-friendly 2nd factor options, and admin-provided back up codes to prevent disruptions in access. 

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MFA for everything into school

Clever MFA+ serves as a holistic, all-in-one secure access solution that helps districts easily streamline access to critical applications and protect data. With Clever MFA+ schools can also secure access at the device login level for Windows and Chromebook devices. 

With support for SSO integrations into other key systems and applications like Google Workspace, Azure or Office365, and Active Directory, Clever MFA+ users can eliminate multiple, unprotected sets of credentials and streamline access with one, secure login from Clever. 

Frictionless teacher experience, familiar login process

To support educators’ productivity while maintaining security, you need an MFA solution that was designed specifically for education. Staff and teacher-friendly 2nd factors, including hardware tokens and biometrics, voice calls, plus authenticator apps (TOTP), and SMS codes, let end users choose the option that works best. This summer, teachers will have an additional factor to use that doesn’t require the use of a cell phone: Badges for teachers.

Plus, with support for admin-controlled back up codes and the ability for end users to set up two different 2nd factors, supporting end users when they accidentally get locked out is simple, while staying secure. 

With a familiar login experience, support for change management, and lots of tutorials, Clever helps schools make the transition to MFA seamless.

Enhanced protection for student and staff data

With phishing attacks running rampant in the education space, training staff to better identify spoofed emails can only go so far. Clever MFA+ works by providing a secondary layer of authentication to Clever logins making it far more difficult for a would-be attacker to gain access with just a stolen set of credentials. Admins can set parameters around re-authentication related to geographical or network location so login attempts from outside the district network or country immediately face an MFA wall.

Clever MFA+ not only provides a second layer of security to all learning applications in the Clever Portal, but can be extended to district and staff applications.

Security solutions with school-friendly pricing

Clever MFA+ will be priced at $4 per staff user per year. Schools benefit from free set-up and support to make MFA adoption seamless. The Clever SSO portal for students will remain free of charge. Districts can take advantage of built-in MFA functionality to secure the Clever Portal for users with admin access and the existing Clever Badges + Pin functionality to protect students’ accounts today.

To learn more about Clever MFA+ and relevant pricing for your district, visit the Clever MFA+ listing in our App Store.

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