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Case Study

Tech coaches help connect 90,000 Virginia students to learning

March 15, 2023 Candice Whitney

When one large school district in Virginia enables rostering and management capabilities for 100 staff members, leading to 100% of its 90,000 students logging in. 

At Prince William County Schools, it was time to delegate edtech management

Large school districts face robust challenges when it comes to edtech. In Virginia, Prince William County Schools (PWCS) connects edtech to 100+ campuses, thousands of teachers, and 90,000 students. The second largest district in Virginia turned to Clever, a free, seamless solution used by 97 of the top 100 school districts in the country, rather than pay $272,000 for alternate solutions.

By partnering with Clever to streamline edtech management, the district provides more effective training, empowers school site leads to ensure equitable student access, and reaches 100% of students logging in. 

Learn more about Prince William County Schools’  improvements when partnering with Clever. 

The challenge: Difficult to manage vendors and edtech requests

Edtech management quickly became unruly for everyone as digital learning resources increased at PWCS.

Lack of clarity on edtech investments

While the district supports edtech adoption, they also need to be mindful of edtech investments and want to provide staff with effective support and training. Before Clever, the district had limited oversight of edtech vendor relationships, causing headaches about where district money was going. The district office could only see usage reports from district-purchased programs like Discovery Education and World Book. Because the technology department was in the dark when teachers adopted new edtech, providing training or support for those teacher-selected tools was almost impossible. 

No easy way to delegate tech requests 

With such a large district population and staff, edtech adoption happens frequently and quickly. With a small central tech department, it could take weeks to set up custom groups or sections for 100+ campuses. PWCS collaborates with school site leads to choose resources and manage licensing. With so many campuses, the district and schools didn’t have one place where admins and tech leads could have shared insight into the applications for each location.

The solution: Delegate edtech management to schools

By automating rostering through Clever, edtech visibility and management is streamlined for 100+ schools in the district. 

Stronger edtech partnerships, training, and engagement

Automated rostering makes collaboration with vendors so much easier for both the district and the vendor. That’s why when PWCS purchases new applications, the district always asks whether that application integrates with Clever. Now when the tech department pulls an edtech engagement report, they have visibility on the dozens of programs used within the district, and can lead more effective training sessions for teachers. When there are applications with low usage, PCWS shares this data back with the application to build strategies that drive more engagement and learning.

→ Best practice: Calculate ROI and create training plans using Analytics. Review your sync report and engagement analyses to inform decision making and support strategies across schools and your entire district. 

School tech leads help student logins reach 100% 

Instead of funneling all license requests through a district office, edtech ownership is distributed across school sites with school tech leads. At each school site, the dedicated school tech lead supports applications and manages all of the rules in Clever. If customizations need to be done, the school tech lead knows how to manipulate the sections and create the groups in just a few minutes! And the impact is meaningful—in 2022, 100% of students logged in to learn with Clever! All these new superpowers go to school tech leads while the admin remains in control of the district’s data.

→ Best practice: Distribute ownership across school site staff. School tech leads can purchase applications and manage sharing permissions for specific applications for individual schools right in Clever. 

"The school tech lead role in Clever was life-changing for my district with 100+ schools. It helps delegate the work and ensure that every campus has a school-based role that can personalize experiences for each school."

Ready to superpower your school tech leads? Set them up with success with Clever Academy for School Tech Leads. Not on Clever yet? Sign up to join thousands of districts today.

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