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Clever product updates Security & Privacy

With new support for Active Directory, Clever IDM expands use for thousands of schools.

April 11, 2022 Devyn Lackner

With increased concern about cybercrime among districts across the country, we’re expanding the functionality of Clever IDM with new support for Active Directory, ultimately helping thousands of IT teams save time and increase security. 

With the rising use of technology in education, comes great opportunity but also great responsibility. Distributed technology and minimal authorization and authentication practices can create vulnerabilities in cybersecurity that put student data at risk. To help address these issues, we’re expanding Clever Identity Management (Clever IDM) to now support Active Directory, a system used by thousands of districts for managing users’ access to software applications and devices. Clever IDM helps school districts automate provisioning and management of their Active Directory and Google Workspace user accounts, saving districts time while helping to improve account security.

With Clever IDM, student, teacher, and staff accounts are automatically created once they’re added to the district student information system, meaning every user has access to learning resources from their first day of school. As users join, leave, and move around within a district, Clever IDM keeps their accounts current—ensuring everyone has the right access at the right time. The new solution saves district administrators hours of work a week, with the same level of reliability and trust that more than 70% of U.S. K-12 schools have come to expect from Clever – and at a significantly lower cost than alternatives on the market today.

Ready to learn more about Clever IDM? View the recording from our recent launch webinar.

Saving time, while boosting security

With automated account provisioning that can be set up within the Clever dashboard for an entire district within minutes, school IT teams can regain time to focus on other key security initiatives. Set up the new user credentials, determine the organizational unit (OU) structure, and then let daily automation take over. Administrators even get a dashboard and weekly report to view changes made so they stay in the know without having to lift a finger.

“Over-stretched IT departments have become crafty problem solvers, manually patching up identity management issues with custom, case-by-case solutions, but it’s kind of like chronic back pain: it’s always there, everybody hates it, and it’s difficult to deal with,” says Trish Sparks, Vice President of Customer Success and Sales.

The new solution saves hours in setup for district staff, while laying a secure foundation for digital access and uninterrupted learning.  

Read the case study: How one school district instantly saved time, reduced risk, and improved student access with Clever IDM

Keeping tech costs down

Because the Clever digital learning platform is always free for districts, administrators have the option to add Clever IDM and cover their identity management needs for a much lower price than that of other solutions. With no additional fees for setup, training, or support, districts can utilize Clever IDM for Google Workspace and Active Directory for only $1.00 per user per year. 

“As a former teacher, I know this is huge because districts are getting a high-quality product for such a low price that removes the friction that would otherwise take time away from teachers,” Sparks says.  

Making digital learning more accessible—and secure—than ever

The expansion of Clever IDM is part of our commitment to continuous improvement in digital learning. “Districts have been asking us for this,” says Sparks. “It’s a problem that they need to solve to make the student and teacher experience seamless in the classroom.” Here’s how Clever IDM delivers on our promise to unlock learning for all students.

  1. Automation of repetitive manual processes

Many districts rely on manual data entry, or hard-to-manage scripts, in order to keep accounts up to date. Automation eliminates delays and errors in account creation, giving everyone faster access to the resources they need.

  1. Controlled account access and security

Heightened edtech usage brings along rising cybersecurity risks. Clever IDM helps districts protect student data and close security gaps by actively managing user accounts and automatically enforcing security policies across each application. With nightly syncs of changes from SIS to Google and Active Directory, password management, and audit reporting, Clever IDM makes sure the right people have access to the right resources at the right time. 

  1. Account provisioning in minutes

Time spent on scripts and manual processes detracts from the most important task—student learning. Clever IDM uses the data districts already have in Clever so rostering, SSO, and now identity management can all be in one place, making setup quick and easy. 

Clever IDM is available today for Google and later this month for Active Directory at just $1 per user per year, with no extra cost per destination. 

Ready to learn more about Clever IDM? View the recording from our recent launch webinar.

Case study: How one school district instantly saved time, reduced risk, and improved student access with Clever IDM

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