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New year, new apps: Boost student outcomes in 2020 with these 4 apps

January 12, 2020 Yovana Becher

Clever Library is a place where teachers can discover new edtech to use in the classroom with their students. This month we’re featuring four apps that will inspire you to get started with New Year’s Resolutions in the classroom. Help your students make a change with these resources!

Install any of the apps below between January 13 – 17 for a chance to win a prize pack!*

Enhance your student’s presentation skills with Sutori

Get started with the “Show, don’t tell” lesson plan to try a differentiated presentation method

This a great tool for middle school students to create interactive presentations. With just a few clicks, students can add all types of media and embed other tools, like Google Docs, Flipgrid, etc. Students can share their work as a gallery walk or online via links.

What teachers say about Sutori

“I only gave students about 2 hours to complete their timelines, but I was blown away with what they created! Students had only viewed stories that I created before, but they picked up the software with very, very little instruction.” – Michelle Moses, 7th grade history teacher

Implement research-based personalized learning with Learner Variability Navigator

Get started with a gallery walk approach to develop writing skills

The Learner Variability Navigator can be used to support personalized learning for all K-12 students. For a Kindergarten student who is working on enhancing their writing skills, the Learner Variability Navigator offers research-based strategies to address syntax, speed of processing, social awareness, and safety. The gallery walk strategy is a multi-day lesson that focuses on the grammar conventions of writing a sentence.

What teachers say about Learner Variability Navigator

“I integrated four factors with the gallery walk strategy because …the idea of having my children share, analyze, interact, and provide visual, auditory and constructive feedback [with] a peer’s work sounded amazing to me. I need to make my children feel confident with their learning and this strategy was supporting it and their understanding. It was a strategy that I have never used before so I wanted to explore more and see how it works with a Spanish class.”

Help your students improve their writing skills with Quill

Get started by using Quill as an exit ticket

In the last 15 minutes of class, ask your students to take a few minutes to complete a writing activity with Quill, and then before they leave, ask them to share one thing they learned. Teacher Michelle Ellis shares that this strategy is “particularly exciting to watch because, thanks to Quill’s differentiation tools, students at all writing levels have something to say about what they learned.” 

What teachers say about Quill

“Before we start working on a project, we go to Quill as an aid in our discussion. For example, we’ll look at an Active Voice vs. Passive Voice Quill activity and then tie it into real life. We’d discuss, say, why your boss at work might want you to write using active voice, and how Quill demonstrates why writing in active voice is effective.” – Denise Glenn, ELA Teacher

Boost student confidence and outcomes with E4effort

Get started with a rewards program for students

Each student has their own E4effort portal that reports their in-class effort with badges, tables, and graphs, which encourages them to take more responsibility for their own learning. The rewards programs allows students to redeem “Effort Shares” as points that can earn them classroom privileges or supplies. 

What teachers say about E4effort

“E4Effort encourages my students to be on task, ready, and participate more than any other strategy I have tried in my 29 years of teaching 4th-6th grade. Students enjoy selecting rewards that fit their interests, while I appreciate not having to use my voice to make an impact.” – Käri Anderson Suggs, 5th/6th Grade Teacher

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the U.S. age 18 or older who teach at any of the Schools registered with Clever, and are located in districts where the Clever Library is turned on. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes ends at 11:59:59 PM PST on 1/17/19. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. For full Official Rules, and prize disclosures, click here. Sponsor: Clever, Inc.

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