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UNICEF Kid Power invites teachers to donate to children in need

November 15, 2019 Melissa Taing

Want to give back? Teachers have the opportunity to donate to children in need on November 20th.

Update 11.22.19: On World Children’s Day – November 20, over 792k teachers log into apps via their Clever Portal. As a result, teachers unlocked 15,840 therapeutic food packets that will be donated by UNICEF Kid Power to malnourished children across the world. Thank you, teachers!

With the holidays approaching, themes of gratitude and giving show up in classrooms and at home. In fact, November 20 marks World Children’s Day, an opportunity for students to get involved in making a difference in the world. UNICEF Kid Power makes this as easy as possible, by connecting healthy activities – like dancing, learning and working together – to real-world impact.

Give back on World Children’s Day

On November 20, when teachers log in to any of their apps in Clever Portal, UNICEF Kid Power will donate a lifesaving therapeutic food packet (RUTF) for a malnourished child.

Brain breaks with a lifesaving purpose 

As a free offering, teachers can install the UNICEF Kid Power learning application via Clever Library to get instant access to a collection of 3 to 5-minute interactive brain break videos.  

The best part? These Kid Power Up brain break videos have a lifesaving purpose.

For every 10 Kid Power Ups played, UNICEF will deliver 1 lifesaving packet of therapeutic food to malnourished children around the world. By dancing, moving, learning and working together with Kid Power Ups, students are making real-world impact and helping their peers around the world.

Add fun to any classroom

UNICEF Kid Power has video content for all classroom needs, goals and moods:

  • Move and groove with dance and movement Kid Power Ups to energize students at the beginning of the day or as an afternoon pick-me-up.
  • Refocus attention and get students ready for lessons and tests with yoga and mediation Kid Power Ups.
  • Incorporate social emotional learning (SEL) skills into the school day with Connect Kid Power Ups, discussion-based videos that connect students with each other or to cultures and countries around the world to promote global awareness.

Install UNICEF Kid Power from the Clever Library tab in your Clever Portal and start making an impact today!

How to give back on November 20th

On World Children’s Day, log in to any apps in your Clever Portal, and for every 50 logins, UNICEF Kid Power will donate a therapeutic food packet to a malnourished child in need.

  • Step 1: Log in to your Clever Portal
  • Step 2: Access any of the apps in your Clever Portal

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