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Portal Notifications: Changing the way districts communicate to schools

November 21, 2019 Courtney Minson

Need to send timely announcements to students, teachers, and staff in your district? Use Clever’s new and improved notification feature — and encourage your school leaders to do the same. 

You may rely on traditional methods of communication when it comes to important updates for your schools including email, TV, and the school website. It’s critical to get timely and up-to-date announcements out in a number of different ways such as schedule changes, district or school-wide competitions, or even service interruptions. With this new communication channel, you can reach your schools throughout the day – whether they’re at school or home accessing online curriculum in their Clever portals. It’s the one place everyone can go to get the news.

With Portal Notifications, anyone across your schools can see them the instant you hit “publish.”

Send timely school announcements  

Using the Clever notifications feature in the portal, now you can:

  • Create multiple notifications at the same time
  • Prioritize a key notification so it appears at the top of the student and teacher notification feed
  • Encourage your school tech leaders to create them for their school sites 

Not sure what to share? Here are examples of what districts leaders are sharing through the Clever notifications feature:

  • New applications available for students or teachers
  • Staff meeting reminders
  • Parent resources
  • School closures
  • News and achievements
  • Events and conferences 

Deliver your announcement in 2 minutes or less

Ready to give it a try? Here’s how:

  1. Visit the SSO & Portal tab in your Clever Dashboard and select Communication
  2. Click “Create notification” 
  3. Add in the required information and hit publish!

Want to see how it looks in action? Use our Access as feature to experience those notifications from the student and teacher point-of-view. 

Create your first notification today. Here’s a detailed guide on how to get started. Don’t have a Clever account? Sign up today.

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