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Blackbird School in the Clever Library makes learning to code easier than ever

April 8, 2019 Yovana Becher

This article is part of a series that spotlights learning apps available in the Clever Library, a place where teachers can discover and adopt great apps for their classrooms through the Clever portal.

Have you ever wanted to bring coding into your classroom but just didn’t know where to start? Do you have the desire to learn to code alongside your students? Let Blackbird School help!

Learning to code has never been easier

Blackbird School has developed a truly user-friendly coding platform that teaches students real coding skills they can build on for the rest of their lives.  Through lessons, challenges, and projects, learners dive right into the practice of writing computer programs. Before long students are programming detailed animations and games – from scratch – like this one:

Getting started on the platform is a breeze with in-app tours, detailed documentation, and unlimited teacher support from Blackbird School’s small but mighty team! Their goal is to build strong partners who care about giving their students access to a critical skill for the 21st century.

How to get your classroom started

Before using the platform, Blackbird School recommends a whole group conversation that focuses on what your students might already know about programming and the importance of this skill in the world today. It’s an engaging way to focus students on the reason for learning a complex technical skill like coding. A brief lesson plan offers some questions for discussion in your classroom and important information to tell your students about learning on Blackbird School.

Once your class is working on the platform tracking their progress is easy. Educator tools allow you to stay one step ahead and in touch. You can see which lessons your students are on, how long they’ve been working and communicate individually with students or make a class announcement. With tools like these teachers are able to be truly responsive to the needs of their students.

So, whether you are a veteran programmer or brand new to coding, start your students’ coding education with Blackbird School by adding it to your Clever portal today.

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