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Finding effective lesson hooks

January 28, 2019 Natasha Husein

The first few minutes of class can make or break your lesson, and a hook is key to ensuring that your lesson starts off right. A great hook piques student interest in the topic of your lesson and cultivates their curiosity.

However, finding an engaging and relevant lesson hook can be difficult and time-consuming. First, you have to find an image or video that is relevant to your lesson, and then you have to make sure it is appropriate for your students. Finally, you also have to make sure it’s something your students would enjoy. With all of this criteria in mind, it can easily take over 15 minutes of your precious time to find the right hook.

ClassHook solves this problem by making it easy to find short, educational videos from popular television shows and movies that are perfect for grabbing your students’ attention.

Searching on ClassHook

Using ClassHook is simple: in the search, just enter in the topic of your lesson, and you’ll be presented with video clips that are related to that topic. You can filter your search by grade level, clip length, and even by whether or not the clip contains profanity.

ClassHook offers a robust search to help you find the perfect hook.

Each search result shows you the topics that the clip covers, the grade levels for which it is appropriate, and a short description. Once you’ve found a relevant clip, you can click on it to watch it and see more details.

In addition to the video, ClassHook suggests discussion questions and standards alignment.

ClassHook streamlines the process of finding highly engaging and relevant video hooks for your lessons. Browse all of the subjects on ClassHook today.

Install ClassHook on the Clever Library.

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