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Clever product updates

July product notes

July 11, 2016 Cat Kamireddy

This month we focused on improvements that will make it easier to triage any issues that may come up during the busy Back to School season, including:

  • Login tools for applications
  • Login tools for teachers
  • SIS details to help applications with troubleshooting
  • Recommended sharing settings for districts

Login tools for applications

Application support and engineering teams can now more easily triage, reproduce, and ultimately fix Instant Login issues by simulating a login as any student shared with them. This cuts down on weeks of back and forth and eliminates districts needing to share any credentials with applications.

Applications can check it out under the Student tab on the Data Browse page in their Clever dashboard—click on any student record to see an option to simulate their experience.



Login tools for teachers

We released a way to help teachers solve login issues in the classroom. Teachers can now generate a single-use login code for any student. The 7-digit backup code is only valid for 20 minutes after the teacher generates it, and it’s invalidated as soon as the student successfully logs in.

Teachers can generate the login codes in their teacher portal, for any student’s name.


View district sync information

For districts shared with applications, the applications can also view a district’s student information system and sync type in their Clever dashboard. Surfacing this information will streamline any troubleshooting between the district and the application.

Applications can click on any district to view the SIS information, along with pause status, sharing rules, and other helpful details:


Recommended sharing settings

We’re making it easier to ensure districts share the right data with each of their applications— cutting down on districts sharing too little data, which results in errors, or districts “oversharing,” or sharing more information than is needed.

As applications let us know what data they recommend districts share with them, districts will only have to confirm the settings to share relevant information:



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