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The Enhanced Teacher Portal is coming in July 2024

Clever is updating the look and feel of the teacher portal to make finding resources even easier. Join the hundreds of thousands of teachers already using it.

Rollout and timeline recommendations

The timeline below includes portal updates and recommendations for Clever Admins and School Tech Leads to support teachers throughout the transition period.

August 2023

The Enhanced Teacher Portal preview released

This release gave teachers the ability to try out the new portal and give feedback. Thank you to the many teachers who provided feedback and helped improve the Enhanced Teacher Portal available today!

March 2024

Share the Teacher Guide to the Enhanced Teacher Portal

New features are available in the Enhanced Teacher Portal like the ability for teachers to open resources on student devices.

April 2024

Encourage teachers to use the Enhanced Teacher Portal

The Enhanced Teacher Portal becomes the default experience for all teachers. They can still switch back to the Classic Teacher Portal until July 2024.

July 2024

Train teachers on the Enhanced Teacher Portal

The Enhanced Teacher Portal will replace the Classic Teacher Portal and the Classic Portal will no longer be available.

Resources and Support

Clever is updating all of our Help Center and Clever Academy courses to reflect the Enhanced Teacher Portal. We also have a collection of resources available now in Clever Academy that will help teachers become experts on saving classroom time using the Enhanced Teacher Portal.

Teacher Resources

For Teachers: Using the Enhanced Teacher Portal

Learn how the Enhanced Teacher Portal compares to the Classic Teacher Portal and where to find your favorite tools.

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Product Spotlight: Teacher Tools

Use this 5 minute product spotlight to learn about the valuable tools available to support your students in the classroom.

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Enhanced Teacher Portal Certification

This quick course runs through the key features of the Enhanced Teacher Portal and ends with a short assessment. Once you pass the assessment, you’ll earn a certificate and badge.

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District Admin and School Tech Lead Resources

For District Admins: the Enhanced Clever Portal for teachers

Learn more about the transition to the Enhanced Teacher Portal and how to support teachers.

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Try out the Enhanced Teacher Portal

District administrators can create a dummy account and explore the Enhanced Teacher Portal’s navigation and functionality.

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In the Enhanced Teacher Portal, it’s faster to access the tools I need because the portal is more concise and organized.

Tambria Banks
High school teacher in Georgia

The new portal is a lot more streamlined and attractive.

Anderia Samuels
Elementary school teacher in Louisiana

I love that I am able to see all my favorite resources in one place at the top of the main page.

Teryl Ford
Elementary school teacher in Arizona