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Sown To Grow

Sown To Grow

Sown To Grow is a student goal setting and reflection platform that helps students figure out which strategies work best for them. Students set goals, track progress, and reflect on strategies, while teachers guide learning, monitor growth, and provide feedback. Intuitive data views help students associate their performance with their strategies, showing what is working and what isn’t. Teachers are able to monitor how their classroom is doing at a glance, then dive into data for specific students to see where they need to provide feedback (in-app student notifications make sure it is seen!). Sample Classrooms, shared setups, and co-teacher functionality make it easy to get started and collaborate with other teachers at your school. Students using Sown To Grow have shown an increase in beliefs and behaviors associated with growth mindset and student empowerment, and an independent impact study conducted by a researcher from UCLA showed a significant increase in GPA as well!

Sown To Grow offers SSO through Clever Instant Login

Sown To Grow rosters and provisions accounts through Clever Secure Sync

Sown To Grow is compatible with Clever Library